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A Mile in the Shoes of Others


A portrait of Dr. Frauke Mörike's research on the digital revolution and workplace-collaboration

BSPH-Award for Our Postgraduate Student


Berlin School of Public Health-Award for our MSc student Lina Pickenhan: Congratulations!

New Publication in Our Division!


Risk-perception and participative decision making for men with prostate cancer



Home Alone


The pros and cons of homeoffice: An Interview with Prof. Markus Feufel (in German)

Science Forum "Latest Thinking"


Our Head of Division Professor Markus Feufel talks about risk communication

Our Division


Our goal is to understand and support what makes a good work system. To achieve this goal, we continuously reflect the methodological and theoretical toolbox of Human Factors and Ergonomics as well as our own research agenda by following two steps:

In a first step, we investigate practice patterns in work systems to identify relevant problems and their underlying challenges. In a second step, we identify the factors that are essential for a well-functioning work system and analyze potential inhibiting factors.

In this sense, we do not limit Human Factors and Ergonomics - and research in our division -  to an applied science that only reacts to problems that emerged from the interplay of humans and (new) technology. We rather consider Ergonomics to be a science that needs to understand the history and presence of a work system in order to think about and design its future.


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